Nectaria Cosmetics

The abundance of nature in NECTARIA face cosmetics

As the first in the Polish market, the NECTARIA brand offers cosmetics which owe their unique effect to the true wealth of nature – Black BeeOmeTM. It is an elixir produced as a result of the fermentation of honey from a rare species of honey bee which is very resistant to weather conditions – the violet carpenter bee (the “black bee”). The nectar used in the production of cosmetics is obtained in the valleys of the Swiss Alps, far from civilization. It is precisely thanks to the elixir from the honey of the violet carpenter bees (the “black bees”) that NECTARIA products improve the hydration of skin and take care of maintaining the balance of its microflora.

Abundance of natural  INGREDIENTS

The NECTARIA brand was created for conscious and modern women who face the challenges of the 21st century every day. Air pollution, constantly living in a hurry, stress, irregular nutrition as well as a lack of sleep negatively influence the condition of the skin. The skin becomes dehydrated, problematic and prone to irritation, it loses its firmness and glow faster, and shows signs of aging prematurely. In order to prevent this, biotechnological innovation and active plant complexes were used. Ultra-innovative formulas were created using natural ingredients – Black BeeOmeTM, Matrixyl MorphomicsTM, SYN-COLLTM, InfraGuardTM.

Black BeeOmeTM
Matrixyl MorphomicsTM
super fruit blend
Super Fruit Blend
Unique and natural CARE

The ingredients of the cosmetics have been selected and chosen in order for the NECTARIA brand products to comprehensively care for your skin. Every substance effectively influences the improvement of its condition. The offered cosmetics ensure delicate care for the face, and also deep nourishing and hydration of your skin. The unique composition makes NECTARIA products bring you closer to nature, even if you live in the middle of a bustling city.

Black BeeOme  An elixir from the honey of the violet carpenter bees (the “black bees”)

The violet carpenter bee, i.e. the “black bee”, is a rare and old species of honey bee. These insects live in small colonies and are very resistant to difficult weather conditions, but also to varroasis which is decimating bee populations worldwide. The honey used for the production of NECTARIA cosmetics comes from the mountain valleys of Switzerland, far from civilization and pollution.

Black BeeOme is an elixir created as a result of honey fermentation. During this process, simple sugars, such as glucose and fructose, were removed. The remaining sugars demonstrate the ability to stabilize and strengthen the individual microflora of your skin. After all, every day it is exposed to the adverse effect of the rays of sunlight, cleaning products or air pollution. The mentioned factors lead to the damaging of the microbiological film and to reducing your natural microflora, thus leading to the disruption of the balance of the skin ecosystem. As a result of the reduction of transepidermal waster loss (TEWL), Black BeeOmeTM visibly improves skin hydration.

Meeting the needs of the modern woman

Surely, it is important for you that a cosmetic has good, natural composition and that it is effective. NECTARIA cosmetics are a combination of nature and innovativeness. Besides traditional plant extracts, the power of which has been known for years, the composition of these products includes something more. InfraGuardTM is designed to protect your skin against the adverse effect of blue light and infrared which enhance the production of free radicals. As a result, collagen fibres are destroyed and the skin becomes flabby and loses its elasticity. The composition of InfraGuardTM includes natural antioxidants: tannins from the Tara spinosa tree and sunflower seed oil. They neutralize free radicals and protect collagen against oxidation burden.

The Matrixyl MorphomicsTM i SYN-COLLTM peptides included in NECTARIA cosmetics, have anti-wrinkle effects. The first ingredient stimulates the production and maturing of collagen fibres, which makes the skin firm and elastic. The second one, in turn, is a low molecular weight synthetic peptide that strengthens collagen, protects it from degradation and reduces the visibility of wrinkles.